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The new conclusion from local signs are compared with that off

The new conclusion from local signs are compared with that off

So it standard concept of entailment covers both earliest-acquisition logic additionally the non-monotonic logics you to underlie of numerous signal-founded dialects; it runs the very thought of entailment outlined into the [Shoham87] for the matter of multiple-cherished logics.

Note that one consequence of the multi-document semantics is that local constants specified in one document cannot be queried from another document. For instance, if one document, ?', has the fact ""^^rif:iri("abc"^^rif:local) while another document formula, ?, imports ?' and has the rule ""^^rif:iri(?X) :- ""^^rif:iri(?X) , then ? |= ""^^rif:iri("abc"^^rif:local) does not hold. This is because the symbol "abc"^^rif:local in ?' and ? is treated as different constants due to the process of renaming apart that takes place prior to truth valuation.

4 XML Serialization Design

  • an excellent normative mapping about RIF-FLD demonstration sentence structure to help you XML (Part Mapping in the RIF-FLD Demonstration Sentence structure into the XML Syntax), and you may
  • a normative XML Schema into XML syntax (Appendix XML Schema to possess FLD).

Since said regarding the assessment section, the design of RIF envisions your speech syntaxes of future logic RIF dialects is specializations of your presentation syntax from RIF-FLD. As a result all the well-formed formula in the speech syntax out-of a basic logic RIF dialect must also end up being better-formed from inside the a specialty out of RIF-FLD, that has actualizing the newest RIF-FLD expansion situations (see evaluation area). The objective of this new XML serialization structure should be to promote an excellent similar measuring stick to your RIF XML syntax. So it number on requirement you to definitely people admissible XML document for a logic RIF dialect should end up being a keen admissible XML file having a specialized RIF-FLD (admissibility is scheduled below). With regards to the speech-to-XML sentence structure mappings, because of this per mapping having a logic RIF dialect need to become a regulation of your associated mapping having RIF-FLD. As an instance, the alt brand new mapping about speech syntax regarding RIF-BLD in order to XML within the [RIF-BLD] was a regulation of your demonstration-syntax-to-XML mapping to possess RIF-FLD. In this way, RIF-FLD will bring a structure to own extensibility and you will shared being compatible between XML syntaxes regarding RIF dialects.

Remember that the syntax away from RIF-FLD is not perspective-100 % free for example can not be fully grabbed of the EBNF or XML Schema. Still, validity with respect to XML Schema would be a helpful try. So you can reflect that it state of affairs, we determine several notions away from syntactic correctness. The brand new weaker perception checks correctness just with admiration so you can XML Outline, just like the stricter sense means “true” syntactic correctness.

When the a great dialect, D, specializes RIF-FLD up coming the XML outline must be an expertise of XML outline of RIF-FLD. This includes elimination of some issue and you may functions, restriction of the XML sorts of the others, and you can substitute for of your expansion circumstances which have compatible tangible areas of the required (possibly restricted) products. ?

Definition (Valid XML document in RIF-FLD). A valid RIF-FLD document in the XML syntax is an XML document that is valid with respect to the XML schema in Appendix XML Schema for RIF-FLD, where the extension points NEWCONNECTIVE, NEWQUANTIFIER, NEWAGGRFUNC, and NEWTERM are specialized as concrete elements of the types prescribed by the RIF-FLD XML schema.

Definition (Expertise out of RIF-FLD outline so you’re able to a dialect schema)

When the good dialect, D, focuses RIF-FLD upcoming a valid XML document when you look at the dialect D is the one that is legitimate depending on the specialized XML schema regarding D. ?

Definition (Admissible XML document in a logic dialect). An admissible RIF-FLD document in the XML syntax is a valid FLD document in that syntax that is the image of a well-formed RIF-FLD document in the presentation syntax (see Definition Well-formed formula) under the presentation-to-XML syntax mapping ?fld defined in Section Mapping from the RIF-FLD Presentation Syntax to the XML Syntax.

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